BJJ Hacks


The best in Jiu-Jitsu TV – become a better grappler with tips from the pros.


We want BJJ Hacks to be a source of inspiration to the jiu-jitsu practitioner. If we make you think, we’ve succeeded. Our videos feature the biggest and best names in jiu-jitsu, talking about their philosophies, sharing their ideas and – most importantly – hitting the mat.

We all want to get better jiu-jitsu. But rather than give you direct instruction, we’d rather inspire you to hack your own jiu-jitsu.
A hack is a tip, trick, skill, shortcut or method designed to improve efficiency and productivity. Watch our videos closely, and you’ll see and hear hacks used by the the best athletes, teachers and teams from Rio de Janeiro. Hack your Jiu-Jitsu with BJJ Hacks.

Occupation Fighter

Like Water

The Striking Truth