Category: Health & Nutritional

Show Special: Our most popular package!. 10 Entrees + 10 Side dishes. For many people this package provides lunch and dinnerMonday – Friday and it includes 10 of our most popular proteins and 10 vegetables individually packaged so you can mix and match to create different meals or light snacks. Regular price of $125 – Show special $75.

Description:  Catering to athletes, weight loss and healthy lifestyles. Gluten-free, dairy-free, legume-free with No Hormones, No Antibiotics, No Steroids, No Pesticides, No Chemical Fertilizers. Proven to increase athletic performance as well as reverse many modern diseases.

We make it easy to get in the best shape of your life! Our mission is to make the world healthier, fitter and happier by preparing healthy meals made with fresh organic ingredients designed to provide you with more nutrient-rich food than conventionally processed brands. Our packaging provides a hassle free option for eating at home or at work, and we deliver. Let us be your personal Paleo chef!


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